Glossary - Usefull Terms and Abbreviations Edit

TnB - Taco 'n Banana Serious Half-Life 2 RolePlaying server

HL2 - Half-Life 2

RP – RolePlay

DM – DeathMatching

NLR – New Life Rule

Physgun – Garry’s Mod Physics Gun

TT – Garry’s Mod Tool Gun

IC - In Character

OOC - Out of Character Chat

TK - Temporarily Killed

PK - Permanently Killed

PI - Permanently Injured

TI - Temporarily Injured

IRL - In Real Life

RCT - Combine Recruit Temporary Unit

CP - Combine Civil Protection Unit

OW - Combine OverWatch Unit

EOW - Combine Elite OverWatch Unit

CID - Combine ID number - Set this by typing /cid ##### (5 digits)

CCA - Combine Civil Authority (collective term for the Combine)

CCH - Combine Civil Housing (a building organized by the Combine for free housing)

ACA - Anti Civil Activity (criminal activity)

BM - Black Market (abbreviation)

CA - City Administrator

SeC - Sectoral Command

DvL - Division Leader

CmD - Command Leader

OfC - Squad Leader

JW - JudgementWaiver

GMC - General Minge Control

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